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Louise lit a candle on 10/30/2007: "Sean you were so brave fighting cancer for 1 year. To all the children rest in peace Bless u all."
Sandie lit a candle on 10/29/2007: "Thank you for all of the stories, without this info I would of sent my child to a RTC thinking should would get help."
Sandie lit a candle on 10/29/2007: "To all the parents who have lost their children, my heart goes out to you. They will not be forgotten!"
Randy Conger lit a candle on 10/19/2007: "T0 all the children God protects you now,we love you dearly"
Danny Mattews lit a candle on 10/19/2007: "Danny we love you brother"
Isabelle Zehnder lit a candle on 10/08/2007: "Another child has died in treatment - Brendan Blum - may he rest in peace."
Elizabeth Edwards lit a candle on 09/28/2007: "I love you my precious baby angel baby"
Rhonda Fazenbaker lit a candle on 09/28/2007: "in memory of my friend kenny"
Melissa lit a candle on 09/26/2007: "Rest in Peace Sweet Angels, These Terrible Things Should Have Never Happened To You All. Know I Am A Voice For You All."
Gladys Smith lit a candle on 09/16/2007: "God bless you jonathan may you rest in eternal peace. Fly with the angels little one."
Jessica Cameron lit a candle on 09/02/2007: "i have been in those positions and i am still alive. praise those souls that didnt make it we love you all!"
Bennietta Cox lit a candle on 08/26/2007: "Rest in Peace o' children who have suffered at the hands of someone who was supposed to help. Such a sad thing!!"
Niamh S. lit a candle on 08/06/2007: "As a child i spent several years in 'facilities' -my thoughts and prayers are with all children & parents who sufferhere"
Niamh S. lit a candle on 08/06/2007: "i am going to be a doctor when i qualify, i vow to protect every child i can from abuse xo"
Carol W. lit a candle on 08/02/2007: "To all the parents who believed they were giving their child more of what life had to offer. My love & understanding of"
Julie Davis lit a candle on 07/29/2007: "As a nurse, I will protect each child at my facility. My heart goes out to each family."
Valerie Cook lit a candle on 07/18/2007: "this is in memory of son Matthew John Eck who hung himself while in foster care. i think bout and miss him every day."
Jill Green lit a candle on 07/12/2007: "My heart goes out to all these children. May God bless each and everyone of them and all those who love them."
Kim, Julie, &. Cheryl NTYA lit a candle on 07/11/2007: "Our hearts go out to all the children that have lost their lives in institutional care. We will protect our kids. Nurses"
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